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9/18/2009 10:42:00 AM

The YOU Docs Blog

The YOU Docs Blog
By Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Oz
How to Prevent Out-of-the-Blue Heart Attacks
And you thought your 401(k) statement was scary. How about the fact that more than half of all heart attacks strike people who seem perfectly healthy—no high LDL cholesterol, no high blood pressure? Don't cue up the menacing music yet: There are other known risk factors, and you can control them relatively easily.

One reason a heart attack happens to a seemingly healthy person like you is that there's a stalker in your arteries: inflammation. And now, the benefit of what we've been doing to combat it at NewYork–Presbyterian and the Cleveland Clinic has been confirmed by a Harvard Medical School study. The study found that if you have this inflammation villain but you're in good shape otherwise, taking a statin drug could slash your risk of a horror-story heart attack by 50 percent. Read more

A Winner:

A winner is someone who sets their goals, commits themselves to those goals and then pursues their goals with all the ability that is given to them. That requires someone who believes in themselves, who will make self sacrifices, work hard, and maintain the determination to perform at the best of their ability.