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8/04/2009 08:38:00 PM

In 2007 I started to learn a little about my body and what would help me become stronger and healthier. And I must say that exercise was not even considered by me at this time. I was still pretty new with my discoveries, and was determined to study and learn all that I could, because I was tired of my JOB, and I was tired of being tired. Pomegranates became my best friend, and after months and months of researching and listening to talk shows, cd's and video's, I could proudly consider myself pretty much a pro on Pomegranate's. Dr. Ignarro became my teacher, along with Dr.Kris Hansen. I want to share with you my discoveries on Pomegranate. Dr. Ignarro's discovery on the red berry pomegranate's. View three great video's by Dr. Ignarro

A Winner:

A winner is someone who sets their goals, commits themselves to those goals and then pursues their goals with all the ability that is given to them. That requires someone who believes in themselves, who will make self sacrifices, work hard, and maintain the determination to perform at the best of their ability.