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9/13/2009 04:03:00 PM

No Substitutions... Really?

Remember that classic dinner scene from the movie Five Easy Pieces? Jack Nicholson orders an omelet with a side of toast - and even though they clearly have all the ingredients available, the waitress simply won't allow it; a side of toast is not on the menu.

As you might recall, Nicholson eventually resorts to ordering a chicken salad sandwich: Hold the butter, the tomato, the lettuce, and the chicken. And yes, he ultimately gets kicked out of the restaurant and knocks all the glasses off the table - not something I'd recommend - but the point is, a menu tells you what foods the chef has available. So don't be afraid to ask for something the way you want it, so that you don't have to "go off the wagon" every time you dine out. Here are some other tips for doing restaurants right:

Take it away. While a warm basket of bread or chips can be tantalizing (and free), it's too tempting to keep grabbing for more until it's empty. Pretty soon you've overloaded on empty calories before you've even ordered your meal - so ask your server to simply take the basket off the table so you can save your appetite for something more delicious, nutritious, and worth the wait. If you want to graze, start with side salads (and go easy on the dressing - oil and vinegar is a good option if it's available).

Veg out. A typical entree is served with a serving of protein (chicken, fish, etc.) with a side of veggies, and some starch. If you are indulging in a piece of bread or glass of wine, your starch portions are already on the high end - and veggies are key for filling up on fiber and antioxidants. Request to hold the potatoes or fries and double up on veggies. Remember to peruse the whole menu - you'll be surprised to learn that even restaurants known for "down-home" cooking offer steamed broccoli, spinach, and other leafy greens.

Think it over. While a certain item on the menu might sound really mouthwatering, be realistic about what you're ordering. Sure, a Belgian Waffle sounds incredible - but do you really want to eat something with the same amount of fat as 12 strips of bacon? When you take a moment to reflect on that option, a veggie egg while omelette starts to sound pretty appetizing, doesn't it? But don't get me wrong - it's not about counting calories. Do you really want to travel with a food scale for the rest of your days?

Instead, it's about shifting your mindset, so that you naturally seek out the most nutrient-dense items on the menu that will nourish your body and let you enjoy the meal so that you can walk away feeling satisfied instead of overly full.

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